About Us

STOPDROPLET™ was created out of need and the idea of giving back to the city of Valenza, Italy by MyFamily S.r.l. during the COVID-19 outbreak. Safety masks were in very short supply, so the company converted a portion of its manufacturing line from pet specialty collars and leashes to one making STOPDROPLET™ ergonomic face masks. To date, we are proud to announce that our dedicated staff has produced and donated more than 30,000 masks to police and public safety.

MyFamily took this project very seriously from the beginning so STOPDROPLET™ was developed to be more effective, extremely comfortable, environmentally friendlier and more effective than traditional plastic masks. Unlike handmade paper or fabric masks, STOPDROPLET™ was designed to prevent 100% of the moisture that is expelled when a person sneezes or coughs from being dispersed, is ergonomically designed and made with materials that allow them to be worn for hours. COVID-19 is changing the way we are living and wearing a protective mask is becoming increasingly important in preventing the spread of the virus.

Laboratory studies show that droplets, that may contain the virus, dispersed during coughs and sneezes from an uncovered mouth, can travel as far as 24 feet and 200 mph. Therefore countries around the world are requiring citizens to wear face masks while in public and as a result fewer new cases of infected people are being recorded. So, it is more important than ever to adhere to social distancing guidelines, frequent hand washing and wearing a protective mask so we can continue to work towards the eventual eradication of COVID-19.


Wearing a mask is increasingly becoming an important part of preventing the spread of a virus like COVID-19 and while anything that covers the nose and mouth will help, traditional fabric or paper masks are uncomfortable, made with poor quality materials, not ergonomically designed and are disposable, making them ecologically unsound. STOPDROPLET’s are made with high quality fabrics, with proper elasticity and pleats that allow the mask to follow the contours of the face, ensuring a high degree of comfort. STOPDROPLET™ is made to be washed repeatedly for continued use and equipped with a patent pending TAB that allows you to lift the mask for eating, drinking and taking medication, without ever touching the fabric with your hands. The fabric itself was specifically chosen for its repellant qualities and is supplied by a leading manufacturer of waterproof materials, on a proprietary basis, for the use of making protective masks.

Each STOPDROPLET™ is tested with our patent pending “AirDropTest”, which is the only device of its kind designed to replicate human coughs and sneezes to make sure our masks are impermeable, preventing every drop of moisture from escaping. An extreme amount of thought and care went into the design of STOPDROPLET™ so we could make wearing a mask comfortable and safe, for you and those around you, as possible.

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