Behind the ears or behind the head?


Behind the ears or behind the head

Thanks to Velcro, as well as the eyelets, you can change the way it is worn.

You can place the elastic bands behind the ears or head, and adjust it to fit tighter or looser to your face

Whether you wear it in the workplace, during sports, at the hairdressers or during everyday life while traveling or shopping, you always have a proper fit.

In addition, by using the Tab positioned under the chin it is possible to avoid touching the fabric of the mask during dress and daily tasks, (drinking, eating or taking medication), protecting it from dirt and contamination that might be on your hands.

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From €99 for EU orders
From €149 Worldwide orders

Shipping within 24H, delivery to all over the world

Washable and reusable up to 50 times thanks to SILVERDROPLET

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