STOPDROPLET™ Adjustable Mask BLACK for Kids


Black STOPDroplet ergonomic adjustable mask with water repellent treatment to stop the diffusion of droplets.


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Customize your mask

  • The name will be printed in the same color as the template.
    The personalized label is applied on the tongue.
    Enter only alphanumeric characters. Emoticons or other logos will be removed during printing.Max: 12 characters

Adjustable behind the ears Thanks to Velcro

Reusable up to 50 times thanks to the SILVERDROPLET sanitizer

STOPDroplet™: The protective mask that helps to stop the drops

  • Blocks small droplets and aerosols as small as 5 microns that are expelled during coghs, sneezes and talking
  • 8 hours of comfortable wear
  • Washable and reusable up to 50 times thanks to SILVERDROPLET
  • Made with low environmental impact materials
  • Adjustable behind the ears with Velcro
  • Patent Pending Tab that allows adjustment, eating, drinking and the ability to take medication without touching STOPDROPLET’s fabric
  • STOPDROPLET are entirely handmade in Italy
  • OEKO-TEX® certified product class II
  • With protective bag

STOPDROPLET is not a personal protective equipment (PPE). STOPDROPLET is not a medical device or to be used as a surgical mask.


96% COTTON 4% ELASTANE with water-repellent treatment

Can be washed up to 10 times and reu- sable up to 50 times thanks to SILVER- DROPLET. Hand wash with water tem- perature of Max 60°. For disinfection use a detergent designed for colored clothing.

Thanks to its unique Patent Pending Tab that is positioned under the chin, you can lift the mask to eat, drink and take medication without touching the fabric of STOPDROPLET, preventing any possible contaminants present on your hands.





STOPDROPLET is a hygienic facial mask that aides in the protection of the wearer and those around him by minimizing the dispersement of liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearers mouth and nose. Each STOPDROPLET must be washed and disenfected before use. It is essential to continue to adhere to all anti-contagion measures while wearing STOPDROPLET, especially social distancing. Use this product only in compliance with the above, any other use is to be considered improper and potentially dangerous. Keep out of reach of children. STOPDROPLET is not an personal protective equipment, Medical Device or to be used as a Surgical Mask. STOPDROPLET is a general purpose hygienic facial mask produced and distributed by MyFamily Srl .Distributed in the US by MyFamily U.S.A., Inc .

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